All work is done on a time plus materials basis.
Complete Interiors: Goldfield Trim specializes in handcrafted interiors for antique and collector vehicles. For complete interior projects the vehicle needs to be brought to our shop in Des Moines, Iowa. If desired, pre-manufactured kits are installed on certain vehicles.
Seats Rebuilt: On seats with internal springs, we repair or replace broken springs. Seat covers are made to customer specifications using material approved by the customer.
Convertible Tops: On early cars, mainly prior to 1950, Goldfield Trim makes tops to your vehicle, if the vehicle is brought to our shop. Horseless carriage three or four bow tops can be made from leather or appropriate vinyl laminated material. Pre-made tops are installed when available, particularly for 1950 and newer vehicles.
Hair Stuffed Tufting: Tufted leather horseless carriage seats are hand stuffed. Period correct tacks, fasteners and finishing trim are used.
Headliners Installed: Bowed headliners for closed cars from the early 1900's through the early 1970's are installed at our shop.
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SERVICES  Soft trim items covered or recovered.